The elephant won't sit around waiting for the thief to bring back his hat!

In Elephant Quest, you will have to help him get his favorite outfit back by searching for it through this magical world.

Elephant Quest

You can move around with the WASD or directional keys. If you want to interact with a character or enter a door, you have to press the down or the S key. Some of the creatures you will see are not exactly friendly, so don't forget to use your mouse to fire your laser at them. If you manage to kill them, your experience bar will fill up and you will advance to the next level. This is when you can buy upgrades and improve your abilities. You will find the level up button on the top side of the screen, next to the health bar and the map. After you get familiar with the controls and the layout, you can start walking around and see what you can find. Some elephant friends of yours will give you side-quests, which you should complete if you want to gain more points or valuable information. There are 11 quests in total and you can check your progress at any time. Elephant Quest is a very long game, so be sure to check every door and interact with everyone if you want to finish it.

Elephant Quest is a great sandbox flash game. You can go anywhere you want and it is up to you to get back your hat in one way or another.